Welcome to our sanctuary of healing and growth, where relationships find restoration and resilience.

At Rare Insights Counseling, we understand the intricate dynamics that weave through the fabric of love, and we're here to guide you through the toughest knots with our Couples Intensive sessions in Dallas, Texas.

In the whirlwind of life, it’s easy for the foundation of love to falter. That’s where our Couples Intensive sessions step in as beacons of hope, offering not just a quick fix, but a transformative journey towards sustainable harmony. Grounded in science-backed interventions, our approach is a roadmap to reducing conflict, fostering intimacy, and enriching communication.

For couples teetering on the brink, whether facing crises, navigating betrayal, or simply feeling adrift, our Intensives are a lifeline. Drawing from years of experience and insights gleaned from The Gottman Institutes methods and study, we’ve honed in on the key themes that distinguish those who thrive from those who falter. Through personalized attention and specialized interventions, we tailor our approach to suit your unique needs, ensuring that every step taken is one towards lasting change.

Central to our offerings is Marathon Couples Therapy, a deep dive into healing and skill-building. Available for either one day or a three-day immersion, this intensive format allows for in-depth exploration and immediate assistance when time is of the essence. Within our safe and supportive environment, crafted with dignity, respect, and non-judgmental guidance, couples find the courage to unravel complexities and embrace vulnerability.

Led by a seasoned guide, Rachel Innerarity, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor in Texas with a decade of experience and extensive training from The Gottman Institute, our team is committed to your journey every step of the way. And for those beyond our Dallas borders, our virtual sessions offer accessibility and flexibility, ensuring that distance or busy schedules never stand in the way of healing.

At Rare Insights Counseling, we believe that every relationship deserves a chance to thrive. Let us be the architects of your love story, guiding you towards a future filled with connection, understanding, and unwavering strength.

How do I know if my relationship needs an intensive?

If you find yourselves stuck in repetitive cycles of conflict, feeling disconnected, or struggling to communicate effectively, it might be time to consider a Couples Intensive. These sessions are particularly beneficial for couples facing crises, recovering from infidelity, or feeling like they're at a breaking point. If you're unsure, reach out for a consultation, and our team can help assess whether an intensive is the right fit for your relationship.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our Couples Intensive sessions varies depending on the format and duration you choose. We offer both one-day and three-day options to accommodate different needs and budgets. Here are the pricing details: 

4 Hours: $1,100

1-Day (9-4, with an hour break at 12):  $1,750

2-Day (2 consecutive days): $3,500

3-Day (3 consecutive days): $5,250

For the full day intensives, intake and individual sessions are required beforehand.

How long are the sessions? And how many are there?

Our Couples Intensive sessions are tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences. They range anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days, offering flexibility to accommodate various schedules and intensities of support.

For the 3-hour intensives, the entire session is completed in one sitting, allowing for focused and efficient attention to your relationship needs.

However, our most recommended and effective duration is the 3-day intensive. This comprehensive format begins with a 90-minute intake session involving both partners, followed by 50-minute individual sessions with each partner. This initial phase ensures that we fully understand your unique dynamics and goals.

Each day of the intensive spans approximately 6 hours, providing ample time for deep exploration, healing, and skill-building. We incorporate an hour-long lunch break in the middle of the day to ensure you feel refreshed and energized for the remainder of the session.

Ultimately, the number of sessions and their duration will be determined collaboratively with you and your partner, ensuring that the pace and intensity align with your needs and preferences.

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