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Enhancing Couple Connections: Embrace the Journey Together

Welcome to a space where your relationship can flourish, even through the challenges of anxiety, trauma, and life’s complexities. Here at Rare Insights Counseling, we specialize in helping couples navigate their journey together, offering tools and strategies for deeper understanding and resilient bonds. We draw upon a blend of time-tested techniques and contemporary approaches to couple’s therapy to tailor a path that honors your unique partnership.

Whether it’s building trust, improving communication, or reigniting intimacy, our counseling services are designed to support both partners in creating a fulfilling, enduring connection. Discover how our nuanced approach to therapy can bring you closer together.

Explore the possibilities that await your relationship with us, and consider beginning this transformative journey today.

Intensive Couples Workshops

Intensives offer a unique approach to couples counseling, providing extended sessions designed to accelerate progress and deepen understanding. These sessions are structured to offer intensive therapeutic interventions, allowing couples to immerse themselves in the healing process and achieve breakthroughs in a shorter time frame.

With intensives, clients can expect:

Focused Attention: The longer session duration allows for in-depth exploration of relationship dynamics and tailored interventions.

Immediate Results: Intensives are designed to provide couples with immediate tools and insights that can create lasting change.

Deepened Connection: Through guided exercises and discussions, couples can rediscover fondness and admiration for one another.

These intensives are ideal for couples looking for a concentrated approach to therapy, whether for a significant breakthrough or to kickstart their counseling journey. They are a popular option for those with busy schedules or traveling from out of town.

How it works

Begin a journey of shared growth with sessions that build understanding and empathy. Our sessions start with an assessment to understand your unique relationship dynamics, followed by tailored exercises that foster deep connection and communication.

Therapy duration

Each therapy journey is as unique as the couple undertaking it. While session lengths can vary, a typical pathway involves weekly sessions that allow for consistent and meaningful progress, with adjustments as needed for your specific goals.


In sessions, we prioritize open, honest dialogue, encouraging partners to share their perspectives in a supportive environment. Our focus is on nurturing constructive communication that paves the way for mutual understanding and respect.


While the timeline for visible results can differ, many couples begin to experience a shift within a few sessions. Our goal is to equip you with lasting tools and insights that bring ongoing improvement to your relationship.

Rare Insights Counseling

Schedule Your First Session or Intensive

Contact us to learn more about our intensive and find the best session length to meet your needs.

You can schedule an intensive as part of your ongoing therapy or as a standalone service.